UK Customs Clearance & Logistics

Established in 2017 on the back of 50 years expertise in UK Customs Clearance, Freight & transport industry Clear Fr8 Limited provides a safe pair of hands to look after you and your client’s needs. Whether it be by Road, Sea, Air or Rail Clear Fr8 Limited stands out by offering free and impartial advice to its clients on all matters related to Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding or Chain Supply Solutions. Covering all major UK Road, Sea, Air & Rail ports from our 24-hour office situated next to the port of Dover, Kent we provide the local knowledge to ensure that you or your clients cargo reaches them in good time and compliant with Customs regulations.

Whether you are a first-time importer / exporter or an established business we aim to understand your business and requirements allowing us to guide you on any pitfalls that you might face along the way. From basic requirements, licensing needs, shipping methods right through to advising on any tax benefits that you might be missing out on.

We handle all types of goods but over the years we have gained vast experience and have specialist knowledge in Offshore Garment Processing including advising on any tax benefits that might be available to them. Foodstuffs are another commodity that requires good knowledge to ensure a smooth transaction and we have handled most commodities over the years. We can provide loading plans for our clients to maximise space and reduce their costs whilst analysing their Chain Supply and making further recommendations on cost savings.

We are in touch with most Government departments on a daily basis and stay up to date with the latest Rules and Regulations, informing our Customers or any areas that my impact them or their goods. We have long term partner warehouses across the country at our disposal. This ensures that costs are kept to a minimum and so that your carbon footprint has minimal impact on the environment for those last mile deliveries. UK Customs Clearance is controlled from our Dover office and can be monitored 24/7 for those time critical shipments, we are linked electronically to all the main Ports.

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