Dover IPAFF Information

Clear Fr8 Based in Dover are able to provide all IPAFF documentation for your (POAO) imports.

IPAFFS, or the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System, is a digital platform developed by the UK government to help ensure the safety and security of food and animal products entering the country. The IPAFF system is designed to allow businesses to electronically notify the UK authorities of any shipments of food or animal products that they plan to import, and to provide them with relevant information about the products.

One of the main aims of the system is to improve the speed and efficiency of the process of importing food and animal products, while also ensuring that these products meet the UK's strict safety and quality standards. This is particularly important given the potential risks associated with the import of products that may be contaminated or pose a threat to public health.

Under the IPAFF system, businesses that import food and animal products are required to register with the UK authorities and provide details about the products that they plan to import, including their country of origin, the type of product, and the intended use. This information is then used by the authorities to assess the safety and quality of the products, and to identify any potential risks or hazards.

IPAFFS also provides a range of tools and resources to help businesses comply with the regulations governing the import of food and animal products, including guidance on the import process, documentation requirements, and risk assessment. This helps to ensure that businesses are able to navigate the complex regulatory environment governing international trade, and that they are able to meet the necessary standards for safety and quality.

Why do I require an IPAFF?

In summary, IPAFFS is an important tool for ensuring the safety and security of food and animal products entering the UK. By providing a centralized digital platform for businesses to register and provide information about their products, the system helps to improve the efficiency of the import process, while also ensuring that the products meet the necessary safety and quality standards.


  • Certificate of Health
  • Veterinary Certificate
  • Bill of lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Customs Clearance