UK Air Freight Customs Clearance

UK airfreight customs clearance is the premium way to move your goods as well as being one of the fastest, from direct flights to the more economical non-direct flights we can tailor a solution based on the need for speed against cost. We constantly benchmark the rates on offer, negotiating directly with Airlines or their General Sales Agents (GSA’s). Subject to space we can achieve spot/reduced rates for shipment in excess of 500Kgs+ by using our expert knowledge, contacts and negotiating skills. For larger shipments several types of Universal Load Devices (ULD’s) are available, these are essentially airline containers that fit into the cargo hold of an aircraft and maximise the space. These can also be fitted out with bars to allow for the movement of hanging garments thus saving on having to have garments re-processed on arrival. As well as the airline’s own offerings we offer a bespoke service where a frame is built and lined to the exact requirement of the cargo ensuring that our clients are not paying to move empty space. ULD’s (The airlines and our own builds) can also be configured to move a mixture of hanging and boxed cargo. Specialist services like arranging Air Charters are also available for those time critical movements that production lines rely upon.

Air freight is the transportation of goods by air, typically using cargo planes. It is a fast and reliable mode of transport, providing numerous benefits for businesses that need to move goods quickly over long distances. Some of the key benefits of air freight include:

  1. Speed: Air freight is the fastest mode of transport, enabling businesses to move goods quickly and meet tight delivery deadlines.

  2. Reliability: Air freight is generally considered to be more reliable than other modes of transport, with fewer weather-related disruptions and more predictable schedules.

  3. Global reach: Air freight allows businesses to transport goods quickly and efficiently across long distances, making it an ideal choice for international trade.

  4. Enhanced security: Air freight is generally considered to be a secure mode of transport, with stringent security measures in place to protect cargo from theft and damage.

  5. Reduced inventory costs: Air freight allows businesses to move goods quickly, which can help to reduce inventory levels and associated costs.

  6. Improved customer service: By using air freight, businesses can improve delivery times and provide better customer service, which can help to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Overall, air freight provides numerous benefits for businesses that need to move goods quickly and efficiently over long distances. By taking advantage of these benefits, businesses can improve their supply chain efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and enhance their competitiveness in the global marketplace.


  • Direct Flights for fast transit (subject to route)
  • Import/Export Customs Clearance
  • Non Direct Flights for lower costs (but longer transit)
  • Consolidation Services (Co-loading with other people’s goods)
  • Cargo Insurance